Mar 23, 2024

Absentee, Attendee, Invitee, Limestone Books, Maastricht

Feb 2024

Symbiont, openstudio and talk, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Nov 2023

Three new books in the Music Scores series – #3 Ritornello, #4 Melody Surplus, and #5 Motif – have been published.

Etude No. 1

Conceived by Min Oh

Written by Min Oh, Hyerim Yoo

Published by Workroom Specter


Publication Preview
    • Etude-No1-preview.pdf
Table of Contents

Min Oh
Artist’s note

Hyerim Yoo
Artist’s note

Hyerim Yoo
Etude No.1 Part 1 Senza Misura

Min Oh, Hyerim Yoo
Etude No.1 Part 2 Tempo Misura