June-September 2023

(Upcoming) Semi Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Museum, Ulsan Art Museum, Ulsan, KR.

May 2023

Artist Talk “Post-Texture” on May 28th, Sunday, 5–7pm at the Auditorium, Cité internationale des arts, 18 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris, FR.

March 2023

Music Scores series Prélude Non Mesuré and Fantasia have been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful books in Korea in 2023 at the Seoul International Book Fair.

Étude B

time-based installation


the score of Étude C, simultaneously the storyboard of Étude A
5 channel film, no audio
2 min 18 sec


“In midsummer 2017, Youngwoo Lee, a pianist and a good friend of mine, told me that she had participated in Everything about Étude (Tout sur les Études), a project that commissioned twelve Korean composers and twelve Korean pianists to compose twelve contemporary piano études. Recollecting études by Chopin, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff that I was asked to perform for competitions or auditions when I was a student, I wondered what skills the contemporary composers had required the contemporary pianists to be proficient in. At the same time, I ruminated over the techniques I had demanded from the performers who collaborated with me for my films and performances in recent years.”

Film Stills
  • Etude B3 1.tif
  • Etude B3 3.tif
  • Etude B3 4.jpg
  • 2021

    (screening) Focus On #3 Min Oh
    Total Museum, Seoul, KR

  • 2018

    Atelier Hermès, Seoul, KR

  • Concept, Direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Le Générateur, Paris

  • Performance


    Min Oh
    in collaboration with
    Olivia Lioret


    Olivia Lioret

  • Photography

    Direction of Photography

    Pauline Sicard



    Assistant Camera

    Juliette Barrat

    Camera Operation

    Pauline Sicard



    Mariore Manneville

  • Post-Production


    Pauline Sicard

  • Production

    Hippocampe Production


    Jordane Oudin

    Production Assistant

    Hyundai Pang,
    Tess Maliczak

    Production Management

    Rossella Cecili

  • Set & Costume


    Min Oh

    Set Production

    Sébastien Gondek

    Set Production Assistant

    Boris Pottier,
    Jean-Philippe Dury

  • Sound

    Chosun Hong

  • Realized within the framework of the exhibition at Atelier Hermès, Seoul, KR thanks to the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Paris, FR