June-September 2023

(Upcoming) Semi Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Museum, Ulsan Art Museum, Ulsan, KR.

May 2023

Artist Talk “Post-Texture” on May 28th, Sunday, 5–7pm at the Auditorium, Cité internationale des arts, 18 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris, FR.

March 2023

Music Scores series Prélude Non Mesuré and Fantasia have been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful books in Korea in 2023 at the Seoul International Book Fair.

412356 Prototype

time-based installation


exploration on irony between narrative and pseudo-narrative
3 channel projection, 6 channel audio
6 min 36 sec

Video Excerpts
  • 412356 Musical Score 3 copy.jpg
  • 412356 Musical Score 5 copy.jpg
Film Stills
  • 412356 V1 1.tif
  • 412356 V1 5.tif
  • 412356 V1 8.tif
  • 412356 V2 8.tif
  • 412356 V2 11.tif
  • 412356 V3 6.tif
  • 412356 V3 1.tif
  • 412356 V2 12.tif
  • 412356 V3 2.tif
  • 412356 V2 16.tif
  • 412356 V2 10.tif
Installation Views
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (87).jpg
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (94).jpg
  • #211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (100).jpg
#211016_辑固蛆_配呕_配付 (87).jpg
This photo was taken by the Seoul Council of Art Musuem with a grant from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • 2021

    Co-curated by Min Oh, Suzy Park
    Total Museum, Seoul, KR

  • Concept & Direction

    Min Oh

  • Editing

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Fabulous Future, Amsterdam;
    Hilbert Kamphuisen Studio, Amsterdam

  • Music

    Concept & Direction

    Min Oh

    Musical Composition

    Seokmin Mun

  • Performance

    Foley Art

    Chosun Hong

    Voice 1

    Oneka Von Schrader

    Voice 2

    David Ko

    Voice 3

    Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

  • Photography

    Direction of Photography

    Pauline Sicard



    Camera Operation

    Pauline Sicard



    Mariore Manneville

    Installation Assistant

    Daniel Donato,
    Stella Sterk

  • Post-Production


    Pauline Sicard

    Color Grading Studio

    Hidden Mother

  • Production


    Min Oh

    Production Assistant

    Kyulim Kim

  • Set & Costume


    Min Oh

    Set Construction

    Benjamin Roth

    Set Painting, Deconstruction

    Elia Castino,
    Mathilde Helbo Stubmark,
    Andoni Zamora

  • Sound

    Chosun Hong

  • With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR