September 2024

Solo Exhibition, De Appel, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).


time-based installation


exploration on the notion of “kinesthetic response as performance’
1 channel projection, 4 channel audio
6 min 53 sec
to be presented together with Performers

Video Sample
Writing Excerpt

“A few years ago, I saw the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s early work Fase at a theater. De Keersmaeker herself performed along with another young dancer. The young dancer was performing without any facial expressions. It’s an expression we can often see when the dancer is in the illusion assumed on the stage. Normally called “infinite focus,” this expression is closer to a gaze that happens in a state where one is looking at everything rather than looking at one specific thing. It’s as if a wall exists between the audience and the performers, and so the audience is not seen by the dancer, nor do they exist for the dancer. The audience who looks at the performer with such expressionlessness also imagines that world in illusion and attempts to enter that illusion. However, De Keersmaeker’s expression seemed different. It was as if she was looking at something that existed in the theater, and her focus was alive. It made me recognize not only that world of illusion but also the actual space time of “here and now” where I sat. Following that focus, I quickly moved through between illusion and “here and now,” and felt a sense of expansive space.”

    Film Stills
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    • audience 02 Lauren.tif
    • audience 03 burr.tif
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    Installation Views
    • _KCH4010.jpg
    • 2021

      (screening) Focus On #3 Min Oh
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2018

      2018 Title Match: Hyungkoo Lee vs Min Oh
      (SeMA) Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR

    • 2017

      Moving / Image
      Curated by Haeju Kim. Arko Art Center, Seoul, KR

    • 2017

      Moving Running Turning Shifting
      Sindoh Art Space, Seoul, KR

    • Concept, direction

      Min Oh

    • Editing

      Min Oh

    • Filming Location

      Doosan Gallery Residency, New York

    • Performance


      Min Oh,
      Yanghee Lee


      Yanghee Lee


      Becca Loevy,
      Burr Johnson,
      Lauren Newman,
      Micayla Wynn,
      Owen Prum

      Rhythm Proof-Reading

      Soomin Shon

    • Photography


      Min Oh


      Min Oh

    • Post-Production


      Min Oh

    • Production

      Production Assistant

      Bonhae Koo

    • Set

      Set Production

      Bonhae Koo,
      Min Oh

    • Sound

      Chosun Hong

    • Style


      Jinsun Choi

    • With the support of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR; Sindoh, Seoul, KR; Doosan Gallery Residency, New York, US