September 2024

Solo Exhibition, De Appel, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Heterophony of Heterochrony

time-based installation


experiment on physical and non-physical simultaneity of multiple here-nows
5 channel projection, 8 channel audio
15 min 30 sec

Film Stills
  • Heterophony CH2 48 Iris.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 38 Juliette.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 36 Iris.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 32 Iris.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 28 Juliette.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 06 Teo.tif
  • Heterophony CH2 05 Maxence.tif
  • Heterophony W1 Begin CC 01.tif
  • Heterophony W1 FocusDark CB 01.tif
  • Heterophony W1 Focus CC 01.tif
  • Heterophony W1 Focus CB 02.tif
  • Heterophony Johan.tif
  • Heterophony Pauline.tif
Heterophony Johan.tif
Installation Views
  • _HCK5982-HDR-Pano.jpg
  • _HCK6060.jpg
  • _HCK6057.jpg
  • _HCK6048-Pano.jpg
  • Concept, Direction

    Min Oh

  • Director

    1st Assistant Director

    Lauren Oliel,
    Roman Beaudouin

    2nd Assistant Director

    Thomas Pousse


    Min Oh

  • Editor

    Min Oh

  • Filming Location

    Studios of Epinay, Epinay-sur-Seine

    Location Management Assistant

    Hugo Paradis-Barrère,
    Alexandre Lepape

    Location Management

    Maïra Brogniart

  • Music

    Concept, Direction

    Min Oh

    Musical Composition

    Seokmin Mun

  • Performance


    Section 1

    Min Oh

    Section 2

    Pauline Sicard
    in collaboration with
    Lauren Oliel and
    all other performers

    Section 3

    Min Oh
    in collaboration with
    Pauline Sicard and
    all other performers


    Movement, Voice

    Olivia Lioret

    Technical Action

    Alina Mufti,
    Camille Benariac,
    Carla Rondeau,
    Clotilde Coeurdeuil,
    Gaspard Christin,
    Hugo Bottin,
    Iris Ibanez,
    Juliette Barrat,
    Johann Vandervoort,
    Lauren Oliel,
    Lucas Plançon,
    Maïra Brogniart,
    Maxence Lemonnier,
    Maxime Legros,
    Meizi Peng,
    Pauline Sicard,
    Silvio Belviso,
    Tau Barut,
    Téo Sizun,
    Thomas Pousse,
    Tom Haudry

  • Photography

    Direction of Photography

    Pauline Sicard



    Camera A
    1st Assistant Camera

    Iris Ibanez

    2nd Assistant Camera

    Tau Barut

    Camera Operation

    Maxence Lemonnier

    Camera B
    1st Assistant Camera

    Téo Sizun

    2nd Assistant Camera

    Hugo Bottin

    Camera Operation

    Juliette Barrat

    Camera C
    1st Assistant Camera

    Tom Haudry

    Camera Operation

    Lucas Plançon

    Camera D
    Camera Operation

    Manon Blanc

    Camera E
    Camera Operation

    Charles Lesur



    Carla Rondeau,
    Clotilde Coeurdeuil,
    Gaspard Christin,
    Silvio Belviso

    Key Grip

    Maxime Legros



    Camille Benariac,
    Johann Vandervoort


    Paul Texier

  • Post-Production


    Pauline Sicard

    Color-Grading Studio

    Hidden Mother

    Image Adjustment

    Min Oh

  • Production

    Hippocampe Productions

    Line Producer

    Jordane Oudin

    Production Manager

    Léa Goldziuk

  • Set

    Set Design

    Min Oh

    Set Production

    Arsène Filliatreau
    and his team

  • Sound

    Direction of Design

    Chosun Hong

    Sound Editing, Mixing

    Chosun Hong

    Sound Recording

    Mathieu Burgess

  • Style

    Costume Adjustment

    Hayeon Kang

    Costume Design Assistant

    Hayeon Kang


    Min Oh

    Hair Dressing

    Meizi Peng

    Wordrobe Assistant

    Alina Mufti

  • Sponsored by SBS Foundation

    With the support of (MMCA) National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul, KR