September 2024

Solo Exhibition, De Appel, Amsterdam

Dec 2023

Heterophony of Heterochrony has become a part of the collections of the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea).

Polyphony of Polyphony

time-based installation


investigation on the notion of sense of simultaneity
3 channel projection, 6 channel audio
9 min 30 sec

Video Excerpts
Writing Excerpt

The work was conceived from doubt in my text written a few years ago. I wrote that “it is impossible to read multiple texts simultaneously, and it is not easy to see multiple images simultaneously, but it is possible to hear multiple sounds simultaneously.” Instead, I newly posited that one could perceive multiple stimuli simultaneously more than expected, whether a combination of sounds, images, written/spoken texts, or all mixed together in a specific condition.

    Film Stills
    • Polyphony V1 Group.tif
    • Polyphony V1 V Close.tif
    • Polyphony V1 M Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 L Closest.tif
    • Polyphony V2 R Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 T Close.tif
    • Polyphony V2 T1-1.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L1 B.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L3 A.tif
    • Polyphony V3 L4 B.tif
    Polyphony V3 L1 B.tif
    Installation Views
    • 211016_Polyphony (67).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (69).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (74).jpg
    • 211016_Polyphony (86).jpg
    • 2021

      Co-curated by Min Oh and Suzy Park
      Total Museum, Seoul KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 1
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Harry C. H. Choi (curator)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 2
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Yeasul Shin (music critic)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 3
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Sooyoung Nam (film theory and media)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • 2021

      Round Table 4
      Talk with Suzy Park (curator), Seonryeong Cho (aesthetician, curator)
      Exhibition-related program of Thomas
      Total Museum, Seoul, KR

    • Concept, Direction

      Min Oh

    • Director

      1st Assistant Director

      Lauren Oliel
      Roman Beaudouin

      2nd Assistant Director

      Thomas Pousse


      Min Oh

    • Editing

      Min Oh

    • Filming Location

      Jardin des Senteurs, Epinay-sur-Seine;
      Studios of Epinay, Epinay-sur-Seine;
      Canal de Meaux à Chalifert, Esbly;
      Grandes Serres de Pantin, Pantin

      Location Management Assistant

      Maïra Brogniart,
      Alexandre Lepape

      Location Management

      Vincent Gaeta


      Valentin Jolivot

    • Music


      Min Oh


      Seokmin Mun

    • Performance


      Min Oh
      in collaboration with
      all the performers



      Benjamin Meneghini,
      Clémence Schreiber,
      Elise Dël Aneho,
      Garance Kim,
      Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo,
      Sophie Froissard


      Benjamin Meneghini,
      Elise Dël Aneho,
      Pauline Boireau,
      As well as Thomas Pousse


      Benjamin Meneghini

    • Photography

      Direction of Photography

      Pauline Sicard



      Assistant Camera

      Iris Ibanez

      Camera Operation

      Pauline Sicard



      Gaspard Christin

      Key Grip

      Maxime Legros



      Alexandra Eon,
      Paul Texier

    • Post-Production


      Pauline Sicard

      Color-Grading Studio

      Hidden Mother

      Image Adjustment

      Min Oh

    • Production

      Hippocampe Productions

      Line Producer

      Jordane Oudin

      Production Manager

      Léa Goldziuk

    • Set

      Set Design

      Min Oh

      Set Production

      Arsène Filliatreau
      and his team

    • Sound

      Sound Design

      Chosun Hong

      Sound Editing, Mixing

      Chosun Hong

      Sound Recording

      Mathieu Burgess

    • Style

      Costume Adjustment

      Hayeon Kang

      Costume Design Assistant

      Hayeon Kang


      Min Oh

      Hair Dressing

      Meizi Peng

      Wordrobe Assistant

      Hayeon Kang,
      Michele Saad

    • With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR; SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, KR