June-September 2023

(Upcoming) Semi Art Community Project: Boogie Woogie Museum, Ulsan Art Museum, Ulsan, KR.

May 2023

Artist Talk “Post-Texture” on May 28th, Sunday, 5–7pm at the Auditorium, Cité internationale des arts, 18 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris, FR.

March 2023

Music Scores series Prélude Non Mesuré and Fantasia have been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful books in Korea in 2023 at the Seoul International Book Fair.

Three Voices



experiment with non-physical simultaneity of three voices
composed by Min Oh, Seokmin Mun
approx. 20 min

Video Documentation Excerpt
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Photo Documentation
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Photo by 2019 ArkoCreate
  • 2020

    Showcase at Oil Tank Culture Park
    Organized by Arts Council Korea

  • Concept, direction

    Min Oh

  • Musical Composition

  • Premiere Performance

    Hyeongjun Cho,
    Yeasul Shin,
    Woosup Shim

  • The composition is based on conversation with
    Min Oh (artist),
    Seokmin Mun (musical composer),
    Jidon Jung (writer),
    Hyeongjun Cho (choreographer)

  • Performance documentation by 2019 ArkoCreate

  • With the support of Art Council Korea, KR